7 Tips To Save Money When Shopping At Target

7 Tips To Save Money When Shopping At Target

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I love shopping at Target; actually, I love shopping period which can get me into a lot of trouble if I am not careful. What I love about Target is their fabulous selection of food, clothes, toys, cakes, but most of all the MANY deals I can get when target shopping is done right!

Here is all you need to know about shopping at Target:

1. Double up Your Coupons

Not every store lets you use double the coupon on one item, but Target loves to give you the best deals around. You can double your Target coupons with manufacturer coupons to score amazingly awesome deals like never before.

You can print your coupons online, or you can find coupons in Target’s coupon book at the front of the store next to the ads.

2. Use your Price Matching Skills

Guess what folks?! Walmart is not the only store that price matches. If you see a better deal on an item at another store, bring in the ad and show it to a store clerk.

Target will honor the lower price to keep you as a proud and faithful customer.

3. Get the Target Red Card

Not only can you double up on coupons, but you can double up on savings with the Target Red Card. This credit card gives you 5% back on your purchases. This is like getting 5% off every time you shop. Not only is this a great deal all year long, but it saves you a ton of Xmas shopping.

4. There’s an App for That!

Yes, there is an app for just about everything, but what app do you know that gives you a discount for using it as well as lets you double coupons, and credit card savings. Wow, that is a lot of savings! The Cartwheel app allows you to score offers that you can use again and again.

It also, allows you to double coupons and use your Red Card to save 5%.

5. Look For Gift Card Deals

One of the great things about Target is they like to keep you coming back with killer deals. For instance, Target may put their brand of toilet paper on sale for buy 2 for $14.99 and get a $5 gift card! Who can beat a killer deal like that? If there are more than one offers like this, it’s always a fun game to have several transactions so in the end, you end up using your gift cards before you leave the store.

6. Check Out Their Amazing $1 Section

Target is my number one go to for stocking stuffers because they have the best selections of $1 items. All of Target’s dollar deals are up at the front of the store, so you don’t have to look all over for a good deal.

7. Paper Or Plastic… How About Reusable?

Did you know that bringing your own reusable bag means you save .05 cents off your purchase each time? That may not seem like a lot, but not only is it good on your pocket, but it is great for the environment. Save a little money while helping the environment.

With so many options to save, what are you waiting for? Jump in your car or hop online and see how Target can save you today! What other ways have you saved money at Target?

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