7 Ways To Increase Your Income (As An Employee Or Business Owner)

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Do you want to increase your income this year? You don’t have to take on 2, 3, or more jobs just to increase your income. In fact, you can increase your income from the comfort of your own pajamas. Here are 7 ways to increase your income this year:

#1 Educate Others with your Mad Skills

You have learned a lot in your many years of life. Whether you are a pro at business, an education teacher, or a salesman, you can teach what you know to people who want to know it.

Use Youtube, Webinars, or social media platforms to sell your skills for a small fee.

#2 Just Ask for More Money

One of the simplest, yet least used methods of increasing your income is to ask. Ask your boss or clients for an increase in your salary or services offered. If you are a good employee, chances are, they will increase your income to keep you as a part of their team. 

If they aren’t feeling up to the long term raise, ask about a bonus for completing a special project or overtime or paid time off (yup, use your paid time off to take on a side hustle aka side gig)

#3 Blog About It

If you want to increase your income, why not blog about increasing your income. People want to know how to save money, how to make money, and how to live frugally in a money hungry world. When you write about your own experiences, other people want to know and you can make good money writing for your own blog in your spare time.  

#4 Sell your Talents Online

I saw a woman who designed clothing for toddlers and babies with funny quotes and inspirational sayings. If you have a creative knack such as designing beautiful jewelry, priceless woodwork, or unique clothing, you can make a killing selling in established groups such as online yard sales, start your own Facebook page, sell on Ebay, Etsy, at craft fairs, the sky’s the limit! 

#5 Write for Bloggers, Websites.

Blogging is so much more than writing little pieces of your life. When it comes to making money blogging, sometimes bloggers need some extra help. You can sell content and help them out for $10-$30 a piece depending on your skill even more. 

Check out this post to help you get started blogging. 

#6 Take Small Steps at a Time

Make goals for yourself. If you want to increase your income by $1,200 a year, set a goal to increase your income by $100 a month; $25 a week; $5 per day. Can you make $5 a day? Sell something, write an article for $5 on Fiverr, or do VA work for 30 minutes a day.

When you make small goals, you can master larger goals over time.

#7 Empower yourself by being around Motivated People

If you want to empower yourself to make more and be more, spend time with people who are just as motivated as you are to be more and make more. There is a wise old saying that says: “Poor company corrupts good morals.” What this means is that the people you around help define who you are. Surround yourself with empowering and motivated people.

Increase your income this year with focus, determination, and simple strategies. What other ways have you found to increase your income in the past?

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