Celebrate Our Pink Warriors ! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Celebrate Our Pink Warriors !

This Post is Dedicated to Jodi, one of the bravest and glowing warriors I’d love you to know a little about.  

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The Ultimate Pink Warrior! Jodi thank you for your smile,your gift of life, your love of all creatures big and small and  serious zest for adventure.  Your story has been an inspiration, a glorious ray of sunshine in a battle steeped too deep in sorrow.  You have given others hope while you struggled more than another I’ve known.  Your smile lights up a room and your spirit lights the universe.  I have been blessed to follow your journey and see the growth you’ve shared with your friends while you have tried to understand this journey yourself.  Your sharing with every breath you take, smile you turn.. you my love are an inspiration to all women and men who travel dark roads, helping them find the good in each struggle, each smile, each breath.  Jodi, thank you my love for gifting us with your journey xoxo

In celebration of the life of and in honor and awe of all the pink warriors in our life, I felt compelled to do an uplifting an fun round up of ways you can celebrate the warrior in your life.  This post hasn’t been easy and it’s honestly sat in my drafts for longer than it should, but it’s been an emotional post to write.  I hope you can find a way to share the beauty in your life this month and all year long.  The journey is long, it’s hard and it’s awe inspiring to those of us who are bystanders.  There are so many simple and affordable ways you can help make a difference, I hope you can find inspiration here today.

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This is Jodi and Nicole (my daughter) on a hike. Enjoying ‘life’ and celebrating friendship.  Jodi, thank you for the smile you bring to our life xo 

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Jodi was diagnosed with agressive breast cancer which progressed to stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  As scary as those words are to us, Jodi was living that fear yet she shared so selflessly her journey, the good, the bad, and the very ugly.  That’s Jodi’s story and I won’t try to re-tell her journey.    I only hope to to share her beauty and her smile in hopes you will know how much your supporting pink warriors means to their families, friends and mostly to the ultimate pink warrior in your life!  

The day after I finished this post, Jodi took her final earth’s journey and ascended to a place where she will run, walk, hike.. laugh, smile and soar.  Jodi passed away on September 24th in a hospice home surrounded by her family and the wishes and love of countless friends near and far. Jodi was only 40 years young.

I know this can be a tough subject for some, I’d love to hear who you are celbrating life, cheering on, remembering…   Be well friends!


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