How To Show Great Customer Service in an Online World

How To Show Great Customer Service in an Online World

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Is Customer Service a Dying Art ?

I’m gonna tell you a little secret about life that will take you far. Customer service is king (or queen) in every variation that you may come across. No matter what, every person, every interaction and every instance, matters. Great Customer Service in an online world can be a little tricky for some. However, not out of anyone’s reach.

Today is a lot different than the “good ol’ days”, and people who were fortunate enough to live during that time won’t hesitate to tell you so. In all honesty, it’s the truth.

While living in the digital age is amazing, it’s changed the landscape of customer service entirely.  People will do business with you because they choose to in the beginning. Don’t fool yourself, drop the ball, give them a minute to feel they are not an important part of your business and they can, will and do drop you for the next person in a beat.

Think about the last time you asked for help anywhere…More than likely, you may have noticed that interaction and action are different. More and more customer service tasks are becoming automated and that “personal” touch and feel is gone. 

Guess what? You hold the power to NOT make that the norm in this digital age. Customer service isn’t dead and gone and you can show that again. It’s easier than you think yet takes a conscious effort if you’re not a natural people person.

How To Reflect Great Customer Service in a Digital Age

Here’s the deal…the key to great customer service in an online world is communication and listening. It’s seriously as simple as that!

  • Put down the phone and pick up a smile. Yes, you can ‘hear’ a smile.
  • Set aside time to ‘listen’ not multi-task and just hear the noise, actually ‘listen. When you take a business call, don’t do it while you’re on facebook. Be present.

No matter what you “think” you are trying to do in helping someone, putting down your electronics and listening to them is the greatest gift of customer service you can give. Give your undivided attention, smile with your mouth and your eyes and show that person that you care about their and their needs.

  • Actions are still stronger than words. If you’re working on a project wiht a deadline and guess what.. your computer dies. Get to an email and update that person on your progress, when you are able to complete the deadline. Then follow up with the old ‘over deliver’ ta da.. give a little extra, promise a future discount, offer a freebie. Send a snail mail thank you for their trust in your service or product.

Texting and emailing are great as far as quick forms of communication, but actions are still stronger than words. If there is a problem you can help with, move your feet and get to helping. The great thing about customer service? You can literally do it from anywhere in the world.

Traveling and see someone that needs help? Still a form of customer service. At your job and a customer has a complaint? Yep, you guessed it…customer service to the rescue. No matter the situation, customer service is always needed.

Get back to the basics

Customer service isn’t complicated nor should great customer service in an online world be. And in all honesty, it’s as simple as being nice and being there for those who need you. The more “things” that are thrown into the mix, the more complicated it’s made out to be. Don’t be fooled by that thought! It’s 100% possible to give AMAZING customer service without any type of help from the digital world! 

Living in a digital age has caused so many changes to the way we interact and communicate with one another. People now are comfortable hiding behind their screens and their phones and are missing out on so many opportunities to help and connect. 

How many times have you been walking down the street and almost had somebody literally walk into you because they are staring down at their phone? Or how about when you go to a restaurant and literally everyone sitting together at the table is on their phones, not even acknowledging the existence of one another? Seriously, it’s enough to drive me insane!

Above everything, remember this

If you remember anything this year, month, week or day – know that it is possible to have great customer service in a digital age. If you can wrap your mind around the truth of that, you’ll always remember to put the customer first.

And while the saying is that “the customer is always right”, it’s also known that customer service is what causes businesses to either thrive or die.

How do you envision your year? Will it be the year of customer service for you and your family?

NOW is the time to put the focus back on great customer service!

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