How to Find the Right Crypto Job for You

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With cryptocurrency expanding every day, there are more and more crypto jobs emerging outside the traditional technology world. These days, you can find crypto jobs in different industries like marketing, content creation, and project management just to mention a few.

You need to evaluate your skills and understand the qualifications for crypto jobs in various sectors to help you find your preferred crypto job.

What to Expect

A crypto job is a career that entails working with cryptocurrencies, crypto companies, or crypto projects. With the expansion of cryptocurrency outside the traditional technology world, a variety of crypto jobs in different industries have emerged.

It is now possible for you to find crypto jobs in the market, project management, content creation, and business development industries just to mention a few.

Many industries offer supporting roles to companies that create crypto projects and businesses that use crypto technology to expand and streamline their operations. For example, if you are in the advertising industry you can have a crypto job creating advertisements to increase traffic to a crypto project’s web page.

Evaluate Your Skills

Many job opportunities in the crypto world are technical and may require you to have software development, programming, or computer engineering skills. Taking time to evaluate and note down your skillset can help you understand what field you could fit into in the cryptocurrency space.

If you do not have any skills that match your desired crypto job opportunity, you could consider taking up a course about it and learning a new skill to better your chances in your job search.

Knowing about various crypto or being actively involved in crypto, for example, being a seasoned cryptocurrency trader and knowing how to convert BTC to USD can also raise your chances for a job in cryptocurrency.

Identify Your Transferable Skills

Identifying the skills you can transfer into the crypto space is the first step towards landing a rewarding crypto job. You might be able to land a place in the crypto industry with your excellence in social media management, coding, marketing, or project management.

If you can’t align your current skills with any field in cryptocurrency, you may consider learning blockchain development, mastering smart contract programming, or enhancing your cybersecurity knowledge to unlock exciting possibilities for your crypto career.

Learn About Industries That Have Crypto Jobs

You can find many exciting new crypto job opportunities in different industries that have incorporated crypto technology. The new applications of blockchain technology allow crypto to coordinate and fit into different industries.

For example, having a combination of crypto knowledge interest and a background in the marketing industry can enable you to combine the two for a role as a crypto writer and marketer.

Choose a Crypto Sector

Choosing your sector before your search provides you with a clear focus on the crypto job type that fits you best and a better direction for your next steps.

You can generally classify the types of positions in the crypto sector into technical and non-technical positions.

Technical Crypto Positions

Technical crypto jobs require you to have an in-depth understanding of the blockchain, various cryptocurrencies, data analysis, and programming languages. Some examples of technical jobs include being a blockchain engineer, data center technician, data scientist, or a full stack developer.

Such technical positions are the jobs that cryptocurrency brought about in the beginning, however, as crypto grows more different non-technical positions are emerging.

The Most Popular Technical Jobs 

The most popular jobs in the crypto space are often occupied by people who are passionate about computer science and data analysis. This is where you’ll find people working the blockchain as miners, software developers, software engineers, or data analysts.

Some of the popular technical crypto jobs and their estimated salaries include:

  • Bitcoin miners: $30,000 to $50,000 or more annually
  • Data scientist: $60,000 to $100,000 at entry-level experience
  • Blockchain engineer: $100,000 to $160,00 per year at mid-level experience
  • Professional Blockchain developers: Salaries exceeding $200,000 in leadership roles within blockchain development teams.

As a data center technician, you may earn an annual salary ranging from approximately $40,000 to $60,000 based on the specific demands of the role and your geographic location.

Non-Technical Crypto Positions

Non-technical positions are jobs where you only need a basic understanding of crypto paired with an application of a skill from another sector. For example, you may pair your real estate skills in a job where you accept crypto payments.

Other examples of non-technical positions include being a social media manager, legal counsel, events manager, business development manager, or an account executive.

Build Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio can help showcase your prowess and convince hiring managers that you are the right candidate for the job. Crypto companies don’t usually care about education and mostly want to see your demonstrable skills.

For example, you can easily represent your portfolio on a GitHub profile if you are a programmer.

If you are actively involved in the cryptocurrency space and possess a deep understanding of crypto markets and trends you’ll find that many crypto companies are eager to have you on their team. Representing your practical experience on your portfolio can underscore your value as an employee who can bring valuable insights and expertise to the crypto companies you are sending your applications to.

Network With Industry Experts

Your next crypto job could come from anywhere. Make an effort to connect with professionals in the crypto industry, learn about the different roles available, and meet mentors in the roles you are interested in.

Having a network of experts in the crypto space as you start your career can help you learn from their successes and setbacks.

Apply For Jobs

Once you know what roles you want, you need to start applying for your relevant crypto jobs on crypto jobs lists. Some of these job boards include Crypto Jobs Daily, Cryptojobslist, and Laborx just to mention a few.

Since crypto pretty much lives on Twitter (now known as X), you could find your job opportunity from there by curating your Twitter ( page with tweets that demonstrate your knowledge and qualifications.


While your current skills may land you your next crypto job, you need to understand that not all skills are transferable to the crypto space. Whether you’ve identified the right position for you or you’re still investigating your options, there is no bad time to learn and upgrade your skills.

Maintain a habit of being up to date with cryptocurrency so you can know what new crypto job opportunities are arising.

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