Budget Baby Boy Shower Easy DIY’s

budget friendly baby boy shower ideas

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Budget Baby Boy Shower Easy DIY’s are a blast and I just love all the imaginative and frugal ideas out there.  I am especially in awe of how being frugal doesn’t have to mean a blah celebration.  In fact it can be just the opposite.   Guests can be wowed, have a great time, eat fabulous food and you go home with feeling financially depleted!  Trust me, spending money on your new bundle(s) will present plenty of opportunities for you to spend in years to come.

budget baby boy shower

Budget Baby Boy Shower Easy DIY’s

Are you the grandparents or friends of an expectant mamma, or maybe you’re planning your shower for yourself.  Here are some Budget Baby Boy Shower Easy Diy’s for YOU! I could gaze through posts all day of party themes and ideas.  Really, it can be pretty overwhelming.  Try picking out your theme or ‘color’ first.  I like the ‘color’ idea best.  Mostly because you can really get a big bang doing mostly one color then adding in small theme or character touches throughout saving you tons without skimping on the ‘wow’ factor one bit.

Did you catch last week’s post on unisex baby bash ideas?  You may find a mix n match of things from each post.  Be sure to check it out.

Let’s get started… and well, of course the first one is one of my favorite deserts!

  • Cheesecake Baby.  Say “Cheese”  Cheese cake that is!  This is well, Brilliant!  Talk about a big bang with an otherwise simple desert!
budget friendly baby boy shower diy's
  • Name That Poop Baby Shower Game.  Eww, right?  haha..  Well, this could turn out to be one of the most talked about games of all the showers guests will attend!  Sure to be a blast, even for those who are a bit hesitant at first!
baby boy shower game
  • White Chocolate Popcorn.  Who doesn’t love popcorn!  Add some chocolate, some candies, wrap it up and wow.. decoration and food in one cup full of yum!
white chocolate popcorn
  • Baby Blue Cake Pops.  This is one of those treats you just don’t want to be the first one to eat and take away from the decoration.  Be brave, Be the Fist!  I promise you’ll be smackin’ those lips for more.
baby shower cake pops
  • Oreo Pop Baby Rattles.  Oreo’s seldom last long in our home, so I’m going to place bets that ANYTHING oreo will be a surefire delight at  any shower including yours!
oreo baby rattles
  • Blueberry Mojito Mocktails.  You just knew I had a baby boy ‘mocktail’ for ya, didn’t you?! Cheers to all who are welcoming baby boy!
blueberry mojito mocktail
  • Blue Velvet Cupcakes.  Well, it wouldn’t be a baby shower without cupcakes would it?  O.K., maybe it’s just me but I’m a cupcake fan!  Wrap these up in some blue cupcake wrappers and there you go!
blue velvet cupcakes

  • It’s A Boy Cake.  Can imagine a gender reveal or baby shower with anything cuter?!  This is adorable, easier than you think and I’m loving the dots on the outside just as much as little boy blue too!
  • Baby Blue Hawaiian Punch.  I love anything with Mason jars!  This is great, festive and if you’re serving these, I’m there!
blue hawaiian punch
  • Berry Mason Jar Trifle Desert!  Not to brag, but I think you may like a couple of my Mason Jar recipes (doesn’t get much easier!)  This one I think would be great.. is my personal contribution to this round up!
Mason Jar Berry Cake Trifle is the best dessert around! It's quick and easy to make and you can even make it a patriotic dessert for the holidays this summer!
Boy Baby Shower

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