Gorgeous Rags! DIY Rag Wreaths You’ll Love!

rag wreaths

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rag wreaths

I have some Rag Wreaths You’ll Love!  How many times do you hear the words Gorgeous Rags used together?  Well, today, you’ll be glad you’ve saved not just that scrap fabric but all those old flannel shirts, jeans and a few not consignment worthy childhood outfits! These only take a couple of your downtime hours.  Friends, it’s time to dig out the scissors and make use of your binge watching while you create some Gorgeous Rag Wreaths!

Gorgeous Rags! Rag Wreaths You’ll Love!

Before we start, a couple of wreathmaker tips. You can use items like pool noodles, tinsel wreaths from dollar tree, old wreaths at home to make forms.  Use your imagination.  I had a friend who dumpster dove at cemetaries for tossed out wreath and ‘saddle’ frames in perfect condition.  It’s not creepy, they’re in the trash barrels (not really a dumpster). Trust me, you want to make this as light on your wallet as possible and these can really be done pretty much for free if you scrounge your home for supplies!

Plaid rag wreath diy

diy rainbow rag wreath

diy Denim Scrap Wreath

diy Watermelon Rag Wreath

diy valentines pretty pink rag wreath

diy ivory rag wreath

diy american flag rag wreath red white blue

diy fleece flip flop wreath

diy burlap wreath

Remember I mentioned you could re-purpose dollar wreaths, this newsletter has ideas galore!  AND if you find yourself on a wreath frenzy and want to make a whole lotta wreaths to sell on Etsy or Facebook or make for gifts, you want to sign up here so you can get any new promo info!  It’s a frugalista Must have!

diy rag wreaths

ps… If you are looking for tips on how to sell on Etsy, I’ve got you covered!  Want to start your own Facebook sales page, everyone is doing it!

I love these mostly for gifts and home decor… indoor or out!  Seriously though, these Gorgeous rags have some great sales stats online if you’re looking for a way to diversify your income.

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