6 Easy (And Cheap) DIY Upcyling Ideas You Can Try Today

affordable upcycle ideas; image of glass jars repurposed as hanging vases with pink roses and greenery

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I get so inspired by the upcycling ideas I find on Pinterest! I love finding everyday items we have in our homes or find at yard sales, thrift stores and imagining what they could be in my life. There’s something fun and special about knowing the item had another life before it was your creative element! 

Whether it’s apparel or home accessories, even yard décor or car gadgets, almost everything we use today can be repurposed or reused.  Being frugal is work,  it can be fun too!  Let’s take a peek and see what catches your eye! I know my favorite(s)

1. Save Your Cans

Save your cans then turn your Cans into Planters for your succulents with a few easy steps!

diy planters upcycle

2. Turn A Leather Coat Into A Purse

If you are lucky enough to find leather at the thrift store, you can turn a Leather Coat into a Handbag with this tutorial.

diy leather bag upcycle clothing

3. Water Bottle Into Vase

Simple lace turns this plain old water bottle into a gorgeous flower vase.

recycle water bottle diy vase

4. Jewelry Box Into Remote Box

Take your old jewelry box and repurpose it as a place to hold your remotes. Having a place to put them will help you not lose them as often so its a win win.

diy jewelry box diy remote gadget upcycle furniture

5. Make A Planter

You can make a gorgeous planter out of almost anything you have laying around your house.

diy upcycle garden planter

6. Make A Rope Vase

Have you used chalk paint recently? Turn a Chalk Paint Tin into a Rope Vase.

diy paint can upcycle planter
homemade upcycling ideas

I want to try these all and with the exception of one, I pretty much have everything I need already right at home! Let’s see how many I get through before I head to Pinterest for more!  

Do you have a favorite upcycle project you’d like to share here on Barefoot Budgeting?  Drop me a line….. or two.

6 easy and affordable diy upcycle ideas

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