What Christmas Cookie Are You? A Festive Flowchart to Find Out!

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What Christmas Cookie Are You? A Festive Flowchart to Find Out!


Are you as excited as I am the most wonderful time of the year is finally here! I mean less all the shopping stress and insanity if you’re fighting traffic.  Lucky for us we live in a day where so much can be delivered and clicked on, right?!   I mean I’m down for some holiday cheer but people arguing in stores and cursing eachother in traffic is not my schtick.  So, we looked and looked around for some fun ideas to bring the cheer back home.

What better way to spread holiday cheer than through the gift of delicious baked goodness? We’ve shared some simple tips on how to host a wonderful cookie exchange party this holiday season, seriously a great way to get together with friends —  what if the only thing you’re missing is an idea of what to make? There’s so many wonderful options when it comes to Christmas cookies! If you’re feeling stuck on what tasty treat to bring to your upcoming cookie swap, we’re huge fans of this adorable Christmas cookie flowchart from Shari’s Berries!

Follow along by answering a few questions about yourself to find out what the perfect cookie is for you to make (and enjoy eating!) Happy baking and happy holidays!  This is so adorably cute and spot on.  I’ll tell you what cookies I got (yes, i got two!) at the end of this chart below.

cookie personality

As promised, here are my picks: The Sugar Cookie and the Peanut Butter Cookie.   This was so much fun, I shared it around now we’re all talking cookies and the  most wonderful parts of the holidays, the sights, smells, sounds and sharing… the spirit.

Barefoot Budgeting and Shari’s Berries will deny any responsible for cookie crumbs found in hiding spots or excess drop by visitors to enjoy the goodness.  We will however accept any responsibility for putting a fabulous idea in your head to share the joy of giving.

Peace, Love, and Joy Friends

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