Creative Uses for Free Toothbrushes

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Do you have an abundance of toothbrushes at your house?  If you have been following this site or our Facebook group for much time at all, you probably know how much I love my free toothbrushes (free anything!) and how easy it is to score them!  If you have taken advantage of that, or plan to in the future, check out all of these awesome uses for toothbrushes.

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Creative Uses for Free Toothbrushes

Cleaning tools.  Toothbrushes are one of the best tools for cleaning appliances and fixtures.  I always keep one handy for cleaning around faucets.  There are few other tools that can get into the nooks and crannies like a toothbrush.


Laundry tool.  This is a little along the same lines as cleaning tools, but I always keep a toothbrush in my laundry cabinet as they are great for spot cleaning stains.


Grout cleaner.  Grout is a pain to clean, everyone knows that.  Everyone needs to have their own grout tool and a toothbrush works perfect for that.


Manicure tool.  If you work outside or in your garden, you know how hard it can be to clean your hands afterward.  Keep an extra soft bristled toothbrush on hand for cleaning around and under your nails.  It works great!


Help with your hair dye.  If you do at home hair dyes, a toothbrush can be your best friend!  You can use it for running the dye through the strands of your hair. It’s especially great for covering greys and for root touch ups.


Unique Paintbrush.  Add one of your free toothbrushes into your kid’s art case for a unique, textured paint brush.


Jewelry Cleaner.  You don’t need a fancy brush to clean your jewelry.  Just put your jewelry cleaning solution onto the toothbrush and scrub gently.  It works great!


Hair Tool Care. When I learned about the awesome ways that toothbrushes can be used with my haircare tools, I was thrilled! In all honesty, if I didn’t have plenty of free toothbrushes around, I would pay for one for these. These are my favorites: 1)  Use it to clean your hairbrush.  Use the toothbrush to pull up all of that hair that seems determined to stick in the bristles. 2) Use the toothbrush to clean out the vent in your hairdryer.


Keyboard work.  Toothbrushes are awesome for cleaning your keyboard.  Make sure you use a DRY toothbrush for this one of course, and use it to get all of those little bits of stuff that falls into the cracks around the keys.  

Toys.  Have you ever tried to clean a toy truck or a game that had food stuck in the small grooves, wheels or other smaller parts.  A little bit of warm water and soap should loosen that dried up food goo enough to wipe out or rinse out once you loosen it a bit with a toothbrush.

Cake Decorating.  Yup, I said Cake! Frost as usual then put your toothbrush in warm water and drag across icing for a unique decorative effect.

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And if you haven’t already done this before.  


Donate to Shelter.  I know, you’ve heard this one before.  However one can never encourage donating enough, can we?  Donate to a Family Shelter, Veterans Shelter, Transitional Shelter.  If you don’t know where to donate or drop off, contact your local police department and they will point you in the right direction.

School.  Some schools keep extra home type items.  They are often the first line of assistance for kids in need.

Gifting Bags.  Similar to shelter gifting.  You put together a bag (like a ziploc) of necessities.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, bandaids, soap, deoderant, change for a bus or train ride, even warm socks or gloves.  These can be brought to local veterans groups, shelters or handed out in your travels if you happen to come across people who are homeless and need a helping hand.

Looking for ideas for that FREE Mouthwash you scored?  or how about those stacks of FREE toothpaste sitting in your stock pile?!

Before we part, I wanted to let you know just how special it is to me that you took a moment to spend with us here on the blog today.  Your stopping by from time to time really does mean so very much and we’d love to see more of you.  Thank you bunches for being part of our sensible (and fun) ways to save and earn.

What do you score for free? Any tips for multipurpose uses?


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